Who Is Midoriya’s Father In My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is swiftly establishing itself as one of Shonen Jump’s most popular modern manga and anime series. The plot follows Izuku Midoriya, popularly known as Deku, a young kid who aspires to be the world’s greatest superhero.

The show is most known for its colorful group of characters, all of whom live in a world where around 80% of the human population has a special ability, or “quirk,” as they are known.

While Izuku attends U.A. High School, one of Japan’s premier institutions for hero training, writer and artist Kohei Horikoshi weaves a rich tale about what it means to be a hero in a world where being a superhero is a position akin to that of a police officer in the actual world.

Despite his lack of innate powers, Izuku gains the power “One For All” from his idol and Japan’s most powerful hero, All Might, after a sad meeting.

The ability grants Izuku enormous power, which manifests itself first as super strength, which Izuku may employ at the risk of damaging his own body if used excessively, with other powers growing as the story unfolds.

Izuku accepts the power bestowed upon him and trains under All Might in the hopes of one day succeeding All Might as the world’s greatest hero. Izuku’s journey, however, is fraught with danger when he encounters the wicked League of Villains, an organization sworn to the extinction of superhuman society.

All For One leads the League. A mysterious character who is said to be a lifelong rival of the One For All wielders, and his apprentice Tomura Shigaraki, a young man with the unique capacity to destroy everything he touches, as well as the profound hatred to do so.

Throughout the series, we learn a great deal about nearly every aspect of this society, including how heroes are licensed and work with the government, how quirks work and grow, and how the criminal justice system differs from our own.

Horikoshi also creates a complicated storyline, underlining and exposing the flaws in superhero culture while also giving the story’s antagonists significant backstories and making them more sympathetic than many other superhero genre media.

Who Is Midoriya's Father In My Hero Academia

Who Is Midoriya’s Father?

On the other hand, the identity of Izuku Midoriya’s father is one of the major issues that has never been entirely resolved. In order to develop more independence, a shonen protagonist is frequently alienated from one or both parents.

After all, what parent would willingly allow their child to put their life at risk or engage in dangerous activities?

Although there are various intriguing theories about the character, Hisashi Midoriya left his family when Izuku was still a youngster to pursue a career overseas, and we are given no further information or explanation concerning the character.

Inko Midoriya, Deku’s mother, calls Hisashi her husband, hinting that they are still married. As a result of Hisashi’s absence during Izuku’s childhood, several fan theories and conjectures have surfaced online.

Furthermore, Inko looks to be in a terrible mood whenever she discusses Hisashi. There might be a personal issue inside the family, implying that his absence is creating or contributing to a broader problem that the viewer is ignorant of.

Despite the fact that Deku’s father is unlikely to play a major part in the series, this page will focus on the character and his possible roles.

“Hisashi” is a pun on the Japanese term “hisashiburi,” which means “long time, no see.” The name “Hisashi” signifies that Deku would be better off without his father’s influence, as anime characters are known for having names that reflect personality attributes.

Hisashi’s Quirk permits him to breathe fire, as revealed by Inko to the doctor at the beginning of the series. The strength of his Quirk is unclear, but his Fire Breath has the potential to be rather powerful.

Inko’s skill allows her to float tiny items, but not to the extent that she might follow a heroic profession. The ability to breathe fire has many uses, and it’s possible that Hisashi’s professional choice was influenced only by this characteristic.

Is Midoriya’s Father A Villain?

Despite much fan speculation about Deku’s father’s identity and whether or not we’ve seen him earlier in the series, no conclusive explanation has been given.

Many hints were scattered throughout the series, prompting a rush of fan ideas regarding Hisashi Midoriya. One of the most common misconceptions regarding Deku’s father is that he is a bad guy.

For a long time, the question of whether Deku’s Father is actually All For One has remained in the minds of readers. Since they consulted Dr. Tsubasa when Izuku was four years old, Hisashi Midoriya has been absent from Izuku and Inko’s lives for at least eight years.

All For One has the ability to accept and deploy a wide variety of anomalies as a consequence of his history of facing All Might, and he has been scarred for a long time. As a consequence, Deku may have run across his father after such a long period and not even realized it.

Is Midoriya’s Father All For One?

Dr. Daruma Ujiko, also known as Dr. Kyudai Garaki, is a major antagonist in My Hero Academia. He has been one of All For One’s most loyal attendants, caring for his physical appearance since his first loss to All Might.

He’s also in charge of the Nomus, which are massive creatures that have been genetically engineered to exhibit a variety of characteristics.

While it is not disclosed in My Hero Academia, Dr. Garaki used his own name to work out in public, presumably to find kids with useful quirks for All For One to adopt or utilize in the creation of Nomus. When Izuku Midoriya and his mother Inko find that Izuku is peculiar, Dr. Ujiko makes his first appearance.

Izuku’s foot X-ray reveals an additional joint in his pinky, revealing his strangeness since this is thought to be a predictor of whether or not someone would acquire a quirk. This might indicate that he was born with a peculiarity rather than having it corrected.

When it comes down to it, quirks are all about heredity. All for One was most likely raised by Quirkless parents as a First-Generation Quirk user. It would have been easier for him to transmit the gene to Izuku than it would have been for two parents with oddities to produce a kid without them.

In the universe of My Hero Academia, being born without peculiarities is a rare occurrence. While the story concept works, one can’t help but question whether the causes aren’t as obvious as the audience thinks.

The scenario may get more problematic if a villain is involved who extracts Quirks. All for One might have easily taken his son’s Quirk before it matured, then claimed Izuku was quirkless the whole time.

Izuku could have possessed a formidable Quirk. All for One, on the other hand, would have anticipated how a Quirkless child would be perceived and used Izuku’s Quirk to catapult him towards villainy.

Final Thoughts

Some people may be shocked to find that Kohei Horikoshi is a major Star Wars fan, as My Hero Academia already contains several references to the property.

Several locations in the series are named after Star Wars characters, notably Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, Tatooin (Tatooine) Station, and Nabu (Naboo) Junior High.

While they may appear to be simple namesakes at first look, Star Wars has far more impact than the average reader could imagine. Tatooine Station was the first of several one-off destinations in My Hero Academia based on Star Wars locations.

Normally, these references are only a wink to the audience, but this one is significant in the story.

My Hero Academia’s main character, like Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, starts their quest on Tatooine. With the exception of Izuku, Tatooine is a train station rather than a lonely desert world.

Because My Hero Academia opens with Midoriya landing in this location, we may expect to follow his adventures and exploits. It’s no surprise that All Might’s opponent, All for One, is modeled after the famed Darth Vader, given the series’ frequent Star Wars parallels.

All for One isn’t the first or last villain to scavenge Darth Vader’s shards, and he certainly won’t be the last. This might imply that Izuku and All For One, like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, would one day reconcile as father and son.