Who Married Who? The Naruto Series Explained

I know, 73 volumes, over ten years of storytelling, but the question we all had. Who married who? Years of arguing and YouTube theories, did Naruto get the girl?(More like which one) Did Hinata confess her feelings?

Did Shikamaru find an average woman and live an average life? Did Rock Lee finally able to convince Sakura to go on a date? What happened to everyone’s favorite emo boy, Sasuke? 

Stress not, you are in the right place. Whether you are a casual viewer or a die hard fan, I got the answers! It has been a great journey, one we have grown up with. We cried, we laughed, and we fell in love with both the characters and the ninja world Kishimoto created. 

With the new show, Boruto, starting to take off, which is naturally following the children of almost everyone in Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. So, everyone got married, some made sense, some didn’t. 

Naturally, spoilers ahead. Here is the lowdown of who married who in the Naruto series!

Who Married Who The Naruto Series Explained

Naruto Uzumaki And Hinata Hyuga

Yes, Hinata got her man. After the Pain Invasion Arc and Hinata confessed, it was still touch and go for the couple. Naruto was still feeling the pressure with the pending war, Sasuke drama and others.

But after Naruto rejected Sakura’s confession (he knew she was lying) and Neji’s death (RIP) they were still looking strong.

The Last: Naruto the movie, this film was the selling point for the couple. Set two years after the Fourth ninja war, Naruto, alongside Hinata and others, must stop Toneri Otsutsuki from causing the moon to descend towards the earth and destroying it.

It doesn’t sound romantic, but the film was directed with the intent to show us a softer, more romantic side to the series. The end of the film features a jump where we see both Naruto and Hinata in domestic blessing, married with two children. 

Sasuke Uchiha And Sakura Haruno 

Now, this was one of the rocky relationships in the Naruto universe. Sakura started as a child with a massive crush on the coolest boy in her class, and Sasuke was going through it and wasn’t Sakura’s biggest fan.

Both sides of this couple went through changes in attitudes towards each other. They went from teammates to friends to enemies to strangers to teammates again and to lovers? 

Sakura’s love for Sasuke was never not known, she let us know almost every time he was mentioned. The real issue with making the couple canon was Sasuke, being hellbent on revenge, he wasn’t really playing ‘the bachelor’. But Sakura eventually became someone who was dear to him. 

Sasuke’s soft spot for Sakura eventually turned into something more. Sasuke returned her feelings and promised her he would return to the village once he finished his redemption. Sakura waited for him, and they got married and had a daughter!   

Shikamaru Nara And Temari 

This couple was a given, Shikamaru wasn’t getting out of this one. After meeting as enemies, both Shikamaru and Temari left an impression on each other. Temari was often shown to help for Shikamaru, especially during the Sasuke Retrieval Arc.

After the Shippuuden time jump, the two were continuously seen together, causing the running joke that they were dating.    

Temari is continuously shown to encourage and trust Shikamaru, she just believes if he wasn’t so lazy he would achieve so much more. After the war, Shikamaru asked Temari out on a date, to which she replied “a date with me could be quite a drag”, but agrees. 

They got married during the blank period and have one son.  

Ino Yamanaka And Sai

Ino had the hots for Sai from the moment she met him. Throughout the show, there were numerous moments where Ino confidently and outwardly flirted with Sai, and Sai despite being the strangeball he was also flirting back, he frequently called her beautiful and/or gorgeous. 

So, when the time jump started showing all the couples together, no one was overly shocked with this pairing. However, the couple got more of a following once the light novels were published. Seeing this pairing together and how they got together just makes sense.

Also, seeing Sai in a happy, loving family was just the closure he needed. They also have one son, which is the perfect blend of both these characters.

Asuma Sarutobi And Kurenai Yuhi

This is a tricky one, during both Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden it was made clear that these two were lovers. After Asuma passed away, we learned that Kurenai was with child.

After this we spotted a ring on Kurenai finger and her name changed to Sarutobi. It is safe to say that they must have got married in secret before Asuma’s mission. So another couple, married off, before the show ended. RIP Asuma.

Choji Akimichi And Karui

Now, this couple was the couple that after Naruto finished, the fans went WTF! I know this couple became official, I was bamboozled. But the infamous chapter 700 was published, it was revealed that during the skip, these two got married and had a daughter.

During the light novels we learned that Choji, after the war, was interested in Karui and started finding excuses to go to her village to see her.  

This couple was such a shock to the audience that the author had to respond to some questions. He thought they both were rather laid back characters, and it ‘just made sense’ to pair them together. He also noticed that he needed the next generation of Ino-shika-cho trio. 

List Of Unmarried Shinobi 

  • Rock Lee – We know he got a son, but honestly I think he made a clone in a test tube or something. We haven’t any information about him possibly having a wife, so we are going to assume that he is unwed. 
  • TenTen – It is never really explained why Tenten is one of the few Konoha ninjas to not be married by the end of the show. Shippers like to think it is because of Neji’s death, but nothing has been confirmed.
  • Tsunade Senju – Not many of the fans were expecting Tsunade to be married, not after all her losses. The ending of the Naruto series just confirmed it.
  • Kakashi Hatake – Everyone’s favorite sensei, was not married at the end of the show. He wasn’t really shown to have any lovers throughout the series, so the fans wasn’t surprised. 
  • Guy Sensei – Now, Rock Lee’s favorite sensei, was also unwed at the end of the series, another ‘not a big surprise’ moment. 

There we have it folks, a run down of who married who in the Naruto universe, I’m sure there are a couple we have forgotten, if it was one of your favorites, I am sorry. Let us know what you think about all the couples? Did your favorites get together? Do any of these couples confuse you as well?