Why Does Bakugou Hate Deku?

Before we get into answering the question, it would be a great idea to get an idea of what the story of My Hero Academia is actually about, for those of you that are new to this fandom. 

In a world where humans have developed superpowers known as ‘Quirks’. A prestigious school known as The Hero Academy trains people with these powers.

The series itself focuses on a middle school boy named Izuku Midoriya, who does not have a Quirk, he enrolls in the hero academy in the hopes that one day he will develop the ability to become a great hero just like he has always dreamt of. 

Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, is the main character of this anime. He is a 15-year-old boy who does not have a Quirk when he enrolls in the Academy. 

Katsuki Bakugou is a little older than Deku and tends to be quite an aggressive character who bullies Deku. The two of them grow closer as the series goes on. But, why does Bakugou hate Deku? Let’s find out. 

The Basic Answer

The answer to this question is both simple and complex. Why does Bakugou hate Deku? Was he wronged by Deku?

Does he know something about Deku that makes him unlikable? Or is it simply a personality clash? The answer may surprise you. 

It is because of his pride. If Bakugou is asked if he needs help, he sees this as an insult.

That desire to succeed without being thought less of is strong for this, and because of this personality trait, he feels pitied and powerless when he is offered help by the kind Deku. 

On top of this, Deku is favored by the  All Might and is consistently on the hero promotion path has created feelings of jealousy between Bakugouand Deku.

Bakugou also becomes deluded to his own shortcomings, not seeing the fault in his way or the fact that his own shortcomings are what is costing him the same treatment as Deku. 

As the anime has progressed, we have seen the relationship between these two improve. But in the first seasons of the anime and chapters of the manga, we can certainly see that they were entirely incompatible.

While Deku was always friendly and cared about those around him, including Bakugou. We see that his kindness is often spurned by Bakugou.

Later, we even hear confirmation of Bakugou’s jealousy toward Deku when he admits to being disappointed that the All Might did not choose him to be his successor.

We even hear about his reservations that Deku is too weak to become a great hero and did not think that he was capable of such a great burden and responsibility. 

The Relationship Between Deku And Bakugou 

Deku does care about Bakugou and treasures their friendship despite the obvious rift between them, he respects Bakugou.

As the series goes on, Deku regularly refers to Bakugou when he speaks of strength he needs to strive for, and even idolizes Bakugou’s quirk. 

Even though Bakugou disrespects Deku and pushes him away time after time. We see that Deku puts great importance on their relationship, he believes that it is important to help him and Bakugou grow as people and to help them improve their Quirks.

So, despite all the hardships between the two, they have stuck together and as the anime series has progressed we have seen this resentment between Deku and Bakugou lessen.

They grew closer and became friends and even began to respect each other Quirks. So, now Bakugou does not see Deku’s Quirk as unimpressive, but rather admires the unique strength he has.

Since the two of them have buried the hatchet, they have worked together many times and have proven that they are very good at working together and cooperating when they need to. 

Bakugou’s Anger Issues

Bakugou is often angry, this can easily be attributed to the way that he was raised as a child and of course a superiority complex that was encouraged when he was young.

He was very determined to become a strong and powerful hero ever since he was a child, and when he sees others get better than him and surpass him in skill, it makes him angry and resentful.

In addition to this superiority complex, we can see that the root of his anger issue could be attributed to his mother, who also expresses her vexation through anger. 

In the anime and the manga, Aizawa witnesses Bakugou’s mother’s anger when he speaks to her about the students moving into a different dorm that is located on campus. 

Final Thoughts

So, it turns out that Bakugou had a rough childhood or at least had questionable role models that resulted in his somewhat aggressive personality.

That coupled with the insecurity he feels when someone gets better than him or when the weakness he feels.

When he is offered help are big factors in why he feels hatred toward Deku who is a naturally friendly person who didn’t even have a Quirk when he first enrolled. 

Overall, we can see that these two did hate each other initially, but as the series goes on they grow to accept each other and mature together. 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading about why Bakugou hates Deku. That is all for this article.