Why Does Deadpool Hate Wolverine?

I do believe that in the future there will be a movie called ‘Deadpool vs Wolverine’ – T.J. Miller 

Wade Wilson is an acquired taste. He’s one of the Marvel Universe’s strangest anomalies, an anti-hero whose lust for life is only equaled by his love of killing bad guys in all sorts of new and unusual ways in exchange for large sacks filled with lots of money.

His wardrobe choices and fashion sense may look like those of a “traditional” superhero, but Deadpool’s less than convincing grip on reality and constant flirtation with madness have ensured that he’s not exactly the most popular costumed “crusader” in the superhero community. And Wade is just about, along with Howard the Duck, the only one hero who doesn’t get invited to all of the coolest superpowered parties and mutant hangouts. 

deadpool and wolverine

Even though he doesn’t let it get him down, and the constant rejection hasn’t inspired him to go on a murderous rampage like his alternate version from another reality Dreadpool did when he killed the entire Marvel Universe, it can’t be easy to cope with the knowledge that you’re not the most popular hired gun in town.

He muddles through though, as part of Deadpool knows that he’s not exactly the easiest hero to get along with or be around, and maybe that’s why he likes Wolverine so much because he sees a kindred spirit in Logan. Albeit one that’s a lot saner, more focused, and reliable than Wade is, but then, you can’t have everything can you? 

Wade And Logan, Sitting In A Tree… 

Wait, did we say that Deadpool likes Wolverine? We did and he does, and even though their relationship is mainly one-sided, with Wade doing all the giving and a lot of taking and Logan mainly tolerating the merc with a mouth, they are friends.

Sort of. The sort of friends who don’t kill each other and occasionally like to hang out, but will always without fail, fight side by side and back to back when an alien invasion fleet pulls up in low Earth orbit or an extra-dimensional entity starts knocking at the door that separates parallel worlds. 

That hasn’t always been the case though, and when they first met in the pages of Wolverine #88 way back in nineteen ninety-four, writer Larry Hama made sure that Wade quickly introduced Logan to both of his Katana’s. 

Impaling someone that you’ve just met isn’t the best way to make friends, and while they’ve sorted out their differences since then, and Logan has begrudgingly let bygones be bygones, they have, in the three decades since that unfortunate incident, occasionally come to blows, which usually ends the same way. With Wolverine walking away, shaking his head, and Wade desperately apologizing. 

Deadpool may not be Wolverine’s favorite person (does Wolverine even have a favorite person or like anyone apart from Jean Grey, Steve Rogers, and Rogue?), but as Logan and Deadpool served on the same Avenger’s team, the Uncanny Avengers which was written by Rick Remender and illustrated by John Cassady, it would tend to suggest that their relationship is a little more stable than certain quarters of fandom seem to think it is.

And given that Wolverine didn’t actually try to do the impossible and kill Deadpool while they were both Avengers, it not only shows a certain restraint on Logan’s part, it also implies that he does at least have a modicum of respect for Wade. 

So Why Does Fandom Think That Deadpool Hates Logan? 

Why Does Deadpool Hate Wolverine?

It doesn’t really, well it sort of does… Okay, it’s complicated and we’re going to try and explain as best we can. The idea that they hate each other, in the four-color world at least, mainly stems from the fact that they were both products of Canada’s super-secret Weapon X facility and hush-hush military program that may or may not have been trying to create a new breed of super-soldiers. 

Deadpool wasn’t born a mutant and his healing factor, a power that he shares with Wolverine, was created by Weapon X during the time he spent at the illegal research program. And that power? It was almost certainly stolen from Wolverine during the time that he spent there, before it was given to Deadpool, which may or may not lie at the root of Logan’s “animosity”, as every time that he sees Deadpool it just reminds him of what what was done to him in the name of “science” 

Then there’s the whole mercenary thing. Logan spent a lot of time in Japan, he became a samurai and believes in honor and loyalty and fighting for a just and noble cause. Deadpool, being a mercenary, doesn’t believe in any of those things and will happily sell his skills to the highest bidder. Logan sees no honor in what Deadpool does, and while he respects his abilities and what he can do, he doesn’t respect his career choice. Their relationship in the four-color world is, as we said earlier, complicated. 

The Real Reason Why Fandom Probably Thinks They Hate Each Other 

There’s no smoke without fire, and the reason for fandom’s assumption, and the elephant in the room that almost certainly inspired and fueled the idea, was of course X-Men Origins: Wolverine which introduced Wade Wilson, aka “Deadpool” to the MCU. 

The Deadpool that the film delivered, the muted killing machine that was a mish-mash of assorted mutant powers was unlike any version of the character that had ever appeared before, or since. And it was promptly dispatched by Wolverine and just as quickly forgotten about by the producers, directors, and anyone else involved in the MCU. 

Except for Ryan Reynolds (which is the reason why the Deadpool films feature an inordinate amount of jokes about Wolverine) and fandom, because Deadpool can’t forget the bitter experience and fandom will always remember how Wade Wilson was humiliated on the big screen before he shattered box office records with his own franchise and regained his self-respect and a modicum of revenge. 

The Final Word On Deadpool And Wolverine…

Our best advice? Don’t listen to the haters who tell you that Deadpool doesn’t like Wolverine, because it just isn’t true. And if they insist it is, just tell them what we’ve just told you and turn their Wolverine and Deadpool frowns upside down.