Why Is Todoroki’s Mom In The Hospital?

This is an interesting question that has been on the lips of many people that have seen the anime or read the manga for My Hero Academia. The unique look of Rei Todoroki’s son and the scar he wears are all tied into the reasons he has been admitted to hospital indefinitely.

Why Is Todoroki’s Mom In The Hospital

Shouto Todoroki is a 15-year-old student at the Academy, his quirk is known as half-hot half-cold. He is the son of Rei Todorokiwho has been admitted to hospital indefinitely by her husband Eiji Todoroki also known as Endeavor.

The interesting thing about the answer to this question really has to be the character’s reaction to the situation. For example,

Todoroki was horribly burned by his mother as a result of her reaching a mental breaking point after a prolonged period of abuse by the hand of the Endeavor. But, that does not really answer the question at hand. So, why is Todoroki’s mom in the hospital?

In this article, we are going to find out why Todoroki’s mother is in hospital, as well as uncovering more about her background leading up to the incident that caused her to be admitted to the hospital. So without further ado, let us begin delving into this question.

The Simple Answer

The short answer to this question is because Endeavor has labeled Todoroki’smother as mentally unstable or mentally ill. This happened after she poured boiling water on Todaroki’s face.

It was because of this incident that Endeavor made the decision to have her committed to a hospital, where she would be housed indefinitely.

Over the course of the anime and the manga, more information is revealed concerning Todoroki’s mother, also known as Rei Todoroki. This only happens near the end of the fourth season.

When she encouraged Todoroki it really helped him to develop when the sports festival arc that happened in the second season. As the series has gone on, Rei has become more and more prominent, and we have seen more of her in the later arcs as a result.

She is somewhat aware that there is something wrong with her and has apologized to her son on many accounts. She feels a lot of guilt and profusely apologizes again and again to ease her feelings of guilt and to try and repair the relationship between her and Todoroki.

Her son has forgiven her for her transgressions and does not hold it against her. In fact, he attributes more of the blame toward his father, who was abusive. The constant tension in the house as a result of his father being aggressive and abusing was a more likely cause for stress and anger.

Todoroki deals with the incident by trying to redirect his hate toward his father instead of his mother, who he feels was not really to blame for what happened.

How And Why Was Todoroki Burned?

At the end of the day, Todoriki’s mother burned her son because he started to remind her of her husband Enji Todoroki, otherwise known as Endeavor. The strain and abuse he inflicted on his family started to weigh on her and affect her mental health.

He physically and mentally abused his family for a long time and when she started to see her son’s prominent left side and how similar it looked to her husband she was overwhelmed with emotion.

It was at this breaking point that she poured boiling water from a kettle over Todoroki’s head, and this is where his scar came from.

After the incident and everything else, it is not up to Todoroki to forgive his mother for scaring him. Which he has done and instead redirected his anger toward his father who pushed her to that breaking point.

At The Moment

At the current point in the story, all of Rei Todoroki’s children visit her freely in the hospital as and when they please.

Shouto, Fuyumi, and Natsuo all find time in their day to see her as they understand that she was pushed into doing something terrible by the same man that had her incarcerated in the hospital.

In the beginning, Shouto would secretly visit his mother in the hospital. But, as time went on, he slowly made his intentions more known and convinced the rest of his siblings that they should visit their mother.

Rei Todoroki is still in the hospital because her husband, Endeavor, labeled her as insane. So, she must stay in hospital until an undetermined time in the story. Although it is not clear whether she will ever get out.

Strangely, Endeavor has been seen to be trying to patch up his rocky relationship with his family. He tries to visit Todoroki’s mother in the hospital and even tries to reconnect with his children.

Final Thoughts

That is all for this article, we hope that we have sufficiently answered your question about why Todoroki’s mother is in hospital. As we have found, she was admitted by her husband after an incident where she dumped a kettle full of boiling water on her son’s head.

Her husband Endeavor labeled her as insane, and she now stays in the hospital.