Will Bakugo Die Before My Hero Academia is Finished?

Of all of the characters in the immensely popular My Hero Academia series, perhaps no character is more popular than the hot-headed Katsuki Bakugo. He has been there from the very first chapter, and has witnessed every step of Deku’s rise to herodom.

However, he hasn’t always been supportive, and has sometimes proven rather villainous in his attempts to bully Deku into submission.

However, despite his stand-offish personality, Bakugo has seen considerable character development, as he has experienced certain hardships and difficult trials.

Will Bakugo Die Before My Hero Academia is Finished

Over the course of the series, Bakugo begins to loosen his abrasive personality, and become more accepting, especially of the once-quirkless Deku.

This has made him a fan-favorite character, as fans love watching him develop, and speculating on what his future has in store for him. 

But one of the questions that remains at the forefront of many fan’s minds is whether Bakugo will die by the end of the series. Why don’t we take a look to see if it is likely to happen, and when it likely would? Join us below to explore the potential fate of Katsuki Bakugo!

Will Bakugo Die Before My Hero Academia is Finished?

It is not easy to say with certainty whether the fan-favorite character Katsuki Bakugo will die before My Hero Academia reaches its conclusion. However, this does not mean it couldn’t happen.

There are a few things that suggest why Bakugo could die, and a few that suggest why he won’t die. Let’s take a look at them.

Why Might Bakugo Die in My Hero Academia?

Bakugo’s Current Track Record

One thing that suggests Bakugo could die in My Hero Academia is his current track record. Though Bakugo is a very strong and capable fighter, he does have an incredibly detrimental tendency to be hot-headed and rash. He does not often think through his actions before he makes them, and it very often lands him in trouble.

In fact, this happens in the very first chapter, when, irked by Deku’s attempts to enroll at U.A., Bakugo finds himself held captive by a sludge villain, whom he had kicked a can at. 

Bakugo also serves as a central plot point in a later arc titled the ‘Hideout Raid Arc’. During this arc, Bakugo becomes captured by the Vanguard Action Squad, a team of some of the most lethal villains who would soon go on to become main villains.

After Bakugo is kidnapped, though many believe that he will change sides and fight for the villains (Considering his personality) many also agree to mount a rescue. 

The leader of the Vanguard Action Squad, Tomura Shigaraki attempts to convince Bakugo to join their ranks, but this plan soon turns sour, as Bakguo outright refuses, taunts the group, and begins to take them all on.

Despite his bravery, it is clear that he is outnumbered and underpowered to take them all on, and it is only when his fellow classmates jump in to assist that he is able to escape. 

Clearly, Bakugo has a very proud personality, and will run headlong into danger despite knowing the risks. Bakugo also has a lot of trouble asking for help from others, as evidenced by his attitude towards Deku, and his initial unwillingness to act as part of a team.

This combination of character traits could lead him to death, should he lose his cool against a much more powerful enemy than he can handle.

Bakugo also loves to bathe in the spotlight, and while his sacrifice to save Deku in chapter 285 was honorable, it’s likely he wanted others to view it as ‘heroic’. Perhaps Bakugo could make another self-sacrifice in the future that this time sees him killed. 

Previous Character Deaths

It is also very much worth noting the author Kohei Horikoshi’s penchant for shocking deaths. Even in recent chapters many major characters have either been killed, or seen their quirks rendered useless.

To name just a few, All Might, Mirio, and Overhaul have all had their quirks removed. 

However, an equal number of characters have also perished over the course of the series. This includes Number 1 American hero Star and Stripe, Nana Shimura, Sir Nighteye, and Magne.

A few of these, including Star and Stripe, are hugely powerful and important, which suggests that Horikoshi is not against killing off characters unexpectedly. 

Even if Bakugo does not die by the end of the series, it is likely that he will either suffer some kind of injury, or maybe be left without a quirk by the end of the series, as Horikoshi also loves to maim many beloved characters, as evidenced by the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

Katsuki Bakugo

Why Will Katsuki Bakugo Not Die In My Hero Academia?

Plot Armor

Though Kohei Horikoshi definitely likes to include some crazy surprises in his series, it is likely that the deus ex machina of ‘Plot armor’ might help to keep Bakugo from suffering serious harm during the final arc. 

This is also the same for Deku, who is very unlikely to die before the series is over, as that would be a serious departure from the Shonen formula, and Horikoshi’s editors would likely want to ward him off of the idea of killing Deku or Bakugo. Keeping the two main characters alive also leaves the door open to sequel or spin-off series once the series comes to an end. 

Popular characters in Shonen Jump often, (but don’t always) survive even the worst events and battles, this will likely remain the case for Bakugo, who consistently proves to be a popular character, as evidenced by his high rankings in every official character popularity poll. 

Bakugo’s Strength

Bakugo has proven to be one of the strongest characters in the My Hero Academia series, especially amongst his fellow heroes. His explosion powers offer him increased power, mobility, and defense, and his use of those abilities has only improved as the series has moved closer and closer to the end. 

Bakugo may have trouble against a few of the villains in the series, but he would likely come out on top eventually, as a result of his physical training and the amount to which he has developed as a character and as a person. 

Bakugo is also now much more willing to be helped or to help his fellow classmates or other heroes, which suggests that, in a moment of crisis, Bakugo will allow himself to be saved, perhaps by Deku, which would make for a great narrative full-circle, to show that Bakugo has progressed from the days when he would beat Deku up for attempting to help him. 

In Conclusion

Though Bakugo’s fate is still up in the air, many loyal My Hero fans continue to eagerly await each new chapter and episode, as we get closer and closer to its eventual endgame.

Perhaps Bakugo will die, maybe as an honorable sacrifice for his friends, or perhaps he’ll pull through, and defeat some of the nefarious villains still in waiting. Regardless of what happens, we know that we’ll be there every step of the way to see how he develops even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bakugo Lose His Quirk?

At no point yet has Bakugo ever lost his quirk, but this does not mean it cannot happen. Many characters over the course of My Hero Academia have lost their quirks, so perhaps Bakugo could lose his before the series ends. But, as of yet, we do not know if he will.

Who Is Bakugou’s Crush?

Bakugo does not currently have an official crush, though many fans enjoy ‘shipping’ him with other characters that they feel he is a good match with. It is important to note that none of these ‘ships’ are official canon.

Does Bakugo Love Deku?

Bakugo definitely cares for Deku, though he has complicated feelings towards him and has trouble expressing his feelings. However, there is no indication of any romantic connection between the two, and it is very unlikely that anything will develop on that front.