Will The Black Clover Movie Announce New Details At Jump Festa ‘22?

Black Clover is probably set to become a Shonen Jump classic. It is already proving to be very popular week to week, with new manga chapters and new episodes being released regularly.

While its fandom may not have exploded quite like that of My Hero Academia, the series has still earned itself a solid reputation as a high-fantasy action epic.

Of course, when a manga and anime series becomes truly popular it often goes on to develop all manner of multimedia tie in material. From video games, to television series, and even light novels, manga can prove to be a cultural juggernaut.

However, the true symbol of a successful Shonen series is whether it receives a full length feature film under its name. One Piece has done it, Bleach has done it, and even Dragon Ball continues to do it.

Black Clover is soon to join the ranks, with its own feature length movie currently ready to release at some point in 2022. But what do we know about the movie so far? And is there more to come? Find out by reading onward below!

Is There a Black Clover Movie

Is There a Black Clover Movie?

Though it may have taken some time, there is currently a Black Clover movie in the works, with the potential of releasing at some point in 2022. Details of the movie were first announced at Jump Festa 2021, around early 2021, and since that date, fans have eagerly awaited the next set of updates to hint at the future of the hotly anticipated film.

What Should We Expect From Jump Festa 2022 Regarding the Black Clover Movie?

Jump Festa 2022 is just around the corner, and fans are already speculating as to what they might see announced at the event regarding the upcoming movie. 

Many fans expect to finally receive the first trailer for the film, to get some hint at the general storyline and plot regarding the film. Many fans are wondering whether the film will be canonical to the series, as with Demon Slayer’s recent Mugen Train film, or non-canon much like many of the various One Piece film adaptations. Regardless, fans are expecting some exciting animation and some truly mind-blowing moments for protagonist Asta to overcome. 

Many fans also speculate that we will see more details regarding the visuals of the film. This includes things such as character sketches and official artwork that hint at new costumes and distinct visual styles for the film.

These will likely be released right to social media, so fans can instantly get to speculating even further!

Perhaps most important of all, many fans are expecting to finally receive some kind of release date for the film. A concrete release day has yet to be announced for the upcoming film, though many have suspected that the film would release at some point in 2022.

At the very latest, the film may release in 2023 as a result of delays. Regardless, fans should expect feature length Black Clover action sooner rather than later!

What is Jump Festa?

Jump Festa is an annual fan event held to celebrate the series that are published within the various magazines published by Shueisha. This includes popular series such as One Piece, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and, of course, Black Clover. 

These events are often used to announce new series, as well as new films, video games, and spin offs for already popular series. 

As well as this, many popular authors from the magazines are often in attendance, and will engage in panels addressing their fans.

This makes it a great event for getting to know the wider Shonen Jump magazine, as well as for fans to hear about exciting upcoming projects from their favorite manga series. 

It was at Jump Festa that details of the Black Clover movie were first released, during the 2021 event, to be precise. Key visuals from the film were released, to amp up anticipation.

It is expected that at the next Jump Festa, for 2022, more details on the Black Clover movie will be announced, such as the director, a trailer, some visuals, and maybe even a concrete release date. No matter what happens, Black Clover fans will be glued to their seats in anticipation!

Black Clover Movie

To Conclude

Black Clover fans have an exciting time ahead of them. With more chapters of the manga and more episodes of the anime yet to come, and a feature length film set to be released soon, there is so much to look forward to.

And some of this may come earlier than expected, thanks to the upcoming Jump Festa, at which many Black Clover fans expect to receive updates on the ongoing adventures of young Asta!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Black Clover Movies Are There?

Many popular Shonen Jump series receive multiple feature length films over the course of their run. Black Clover currently has its first movie set to release around 2022, which may well be the first of many.

Will Black Clover Continue After The Movie?

Yes. The Black Clover series will most certainly continue after the movie, as there is still plenty of canonical ground for the series to cover. The movie may not even be canon to the overarching story of the series.

Is Black Clover Coming Back?

The Black Clover anime series will very likely return at some point, once the manga creates more material for the anime series to adapt.